It was a cold, boring Christmas Eve. On the couch sat a boy-man with a computer, and a dream... A dream to one day have his own website. I am that boy-man. Armed with a bag of Doritos, and a case of Mountain Dew on the ready, I started my epic quest... Because it is still a work in progress, I advise you all to bear with me, as I am new to the website building world. I look forward to enjoying your company, and reading any and all comments. 

                                                                                         Please Enjoy!!
                                                                                                  -Jesse S.

Shoutouts to Seals-Monster, Lieutenant Rawnoodle, and Blackheart_x13!!

Thanks to LeighAnn Albright, Elyse Gilbert, Mike Claxtonberger, Darrin McCune, Byeol (Shimbya) McAmis, and all the rest for your continuing support!!

           Qu'est-ce que c'est ? C'est un lien pour libérer des procurations !